To proceed, please keep the following ready:

  1. The Udyam Registration Number of the Enterprise.
  2. The Mobile Number that is associated with the Udyam Registration.

If your Enterprise is not registered under Udyam Registration, then you may first register on
and then register here.

UAM Validation

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Udyam Registration Validation

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Unit and Activity

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Plant Activity

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Your ZED ID & Password along with your ZED Pledge Certificate will be sent on this email ID.

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ZED Pledge

Alternate Text

Registration Successful!

Congratulations! You can now avail:
  • Joining reward of Rs. 10,000/- for ZED Certification.
  • MSME KAWACH, a COVID-19 Support initiative of Ministry of MSME, free of cost
What next?
  • Check your email for Pledge Certificate and ZED ID/ Password.
  • If you did not receive any email, please check in Spam/Junk folder.
  • Use the received ZED ID and Password to login again.
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This disclaimer/declaration governs the use of the SAATHI Standard, various documents, reports and any content therein. The following is accepted in full by the User/applicant Unit:

  1. The applicant Unit is expected to provide all necessary support to the assessors allocated for assessment so as to ensure an accurate, fair and unbiased assessment.
  2. This is a site-assessment based on the SAATHI Standard and not a “Certification” hence the outcome in the form of a “Certificate of Assessment” will not have any validity.
  3. While every attempt shall be made to ensure the veracity of the assessment report, MoT or QCI will not be responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of the information contained herein. All information in the report shall be provided “as is”.
  4. The assessment report provided by the concerned Assessment Agency shall pertain only to the systems and processes of the Unit related to COVID-19 Hygiene & Safety as mentioned in the SAATHI Standard.
  5. The report shall be for the purpose of summarizing the outcomes of the site-assessment (or video assessment, as the case may be) as per the information provided by the applicant Unit.
  6. The report shall summarize the outcome of assessment as witnessed on the day of assessment. The MoT or QCI (or its accredited bodies), shall not be held liable for any deviation that may arise at a later date at the Unit that has been assessed.
  7. The assessment report shall be made for the exclusive use and benefit of the applicant assessed and MoT or QCI (or its accredited bodies) shall not accept any liability that may arise if this report is used for any alternative purpose than the intended one nor to any third party in respect of the assessment report.
  8. The Certificate of Assessment & the assessment report issued under the SAATHI initiative will not replace or be equivalent to or substitute, any other requirement which may be regulatory, statutory or voluntary specific to setting up or operating hotel/business operations, OR any other requirement specific to subjects such as those for quality, social responsibility, environmental, security or financial management etc.
  9. MoT or QCI does not represent, warrant, undertake or guarantee that the use of information or guidance (if any) in the report will lead to any particular outcome or result.
  10. By proceeding, the applicant Unit certifies that it complies with & fulfils all relevant & applicable regulatory & statutory norms pertaining to the functioning of the unit and those related to COVID-19 regulations (including the latest SOPs/Guidelines of the Local/State Government and by relevant regulatory authorities). If at any stage the applicant is found to be non-compliant with the above and in case information is not disclosed by the applicant (that could alter the findings outlined in the assessment report), MoT or QCI (or its accredited bodies) reserve the right to withdraw or amend its findings and conclusions.

This is required.


  1. The next screen will take you to the payment gateway where you need to remit the relevant payment for SAATHI site-assessment.
  2. Upon successful payment, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered Email ID.
  3. Click “proceed” to move to the next step where you will be asked to select a tentative date of site-assessment.
  4. Once the date is selected an Email regarding the same will be sent to the registered Email ID.
  5. An assessment Agency will be allocated for the site assessment who will then connect with you to take the site-assessment forward.
  6. Upon completion of the site-assessment, a “Certificate of assessment” and an assessment report will be shared with you on the registered email ID which can also be downloaded from your SAATHI dashboard.

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